26 Oct 2023

Fight for Kindness Exhibitions 2023

Fight for Kindness: A Global Celebration of Typography and Kindness
Our TypeCampus team has wholeheartedly worked on the second edition of the non-profit project Fight for Kindness, hoping to inspire even small changes in the lives of those involved in this project through good typography. 
These are difficult times to talk about kindness: it increasingly seems like an ethereal concept reserved for dreamers.
But luckily the design community is a place full of visionaries: the typographical messages we received attempt to give substance to values such as mutual trust, courage, inclusiveness, and ethical integrity.
But above all, we hope they lead us to use the power of letterforms to foster faith in a more peaceful future.

We are approaching the celebration of World Kindness Day (13 Nov) and we have a global exhibition in 5 stages this year: Budapest (thanks to our partner Farmani!), Sofia, Milan, Los Angeles and Rome, starting early in November.
Any sharing contribution is welcome!
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