12 Nov 2021

TypeCampus launches a call for entries, for visual designers to celebrate kindness in an inspiring and powerful way

World Kindness Day: a call for typographic artworks to promote the importance of being kind to each other and to the world. DESIGN · SHARE · CHANGE THE WORLD …one artwork at a time!

Each year, in November, people across the globe commemorate World Kindness Day, which promotes the importance of kindness and empathy. A unique opportunity to build awareness around this annual appointment, by unifying design communities and celebrating Kindness in a more inspiring way.


Florence, November 12, 2021


To celebrate World Kindness Day (on November 13), Typecampus.com and Zetafonts.com are happy to announce the launch of a call for entries to participate in a brand new project to promote kindness through the contributions of the creative community.


In an increasingly self-oriented society, exacerbated by the experiences of pandemic isolation, kindness has collapsed, risking becoming a legacy of times gone by. This is why this project is a unique chance to inspire a change of attitude, by involving the whole creative community.



Fight for kindness is a not-for-profit project, which aims at spreading gentleness and courtesy in an unexpected and powerful way, with stunning typographic artworks that communicate messages of courage, respect, inclusivity, care, environmental protection, integrity and responsibility. 

>>DEADLINE EXTENDED: last call 31 August 2022 << 

TypeCampus is an inclusive educational project about the culture of typography, created to inspire, research and initiate a conversation with designers, advertisers and type lovers. It mainly provides free and useful typographic resources to international design school partners of the program: the annual type trend research, a license for 100 fonts for free, workshops or virtual tours of the type foundry Zetafonts. 

Fight for Kindness is a side-project open to all the creative community, design students and professionals.


Fight for Kindness was proudly developed by an all-female team, part of Ligature Srl, consisting of Shrishti Vajpai, Isabella Ahmadzadeh, Sofia Bandini, Veronica Iodice led by Debora Manetti for the design strategy.


“As a frequent visitor to meditation and personal growth paths, I have developed a special bond with the theme of kindness” - Says Debora Manetti, co-founder of Ligature Srl - “I strongly believe it is a profound tool to give value to what we do, as human beings and to improve ourselves, both as individuals and as a community. and dealing with the value of typography on a daily basis, Fight for Kindness was the natural consequence”

This is the time to fight for a kinder world!

Let's spread positive vibes with nice letters, love and creativity!








External Communications Manager Ligature Srl / Debora Manetti / debora@zetafonts.com 

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