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Zetafonts is a digital type foundry based in Florence (Italy), established in 2001 by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. 


Over the years Zetafonts has been producing a prolific portfolio of high-quality retail typefaces and font families, including language and symbols extensions: a vast range of innovative and stylish fonts suitable for digital and physical applications; in addition, Zetafonts also offers custom type design services and branding consultancy to selected clients worldwide. 


The complete catalog is available in a wide range of commercial licenses at this page, and on the web market by the major typeface resellers. All our products are also distributed online for Creative Commons NonCommercial licenses. 


Zetafonts is part of Ligature, a brand focusing on type design culture and that, in 2019, developed two new online platforms dedicated to digital typefaces: Italiantype and Fontmood

a brand by Ligature srl

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